We have a large seletion of Multi fuel stoves, from Insert stovesBoiler Stoves, Wood burning stoves and Solid Fuel Stoves we carry a large range of each. In our showrooms we have a fully working boiler stove which can give you more insight into the workings of stoves and also what heat output yuo may need for your home. Stoves are a great way of lowering your heating bill, because they are upto 80% more efficent than an open fireplace and can also be plumb into you existing heating system.

A Euro of fuel will produce at least three times more heat when burned in a stove than when it is burned on an open fire. In addition to this, a stove requires considerably less air in order to burn the fuel than does an open fire and so cold draughts are usually eliminated when a stove is fitted. An open fire will continue to suck warm air from the room as long as the room is warmer than air outside, and so all the heat produced by an evening fire is lost to the sky at night. Heat produced by other sources such as a night storage heater or radiators is also sucked up the chimney.


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